martes, 17 de marzo de 2009


Seguimos con la celebración de San Patricio, patrón de los irlandeses. Por ello os ofrecemos una breve historia sobre la superstición acerca de la recolección de tréboles de cuatro hojas que tiene su origen en esta festividad.

"The four-leaf clover"

To find a piece of clover with four leaves is regarded far and wide as a bringer of good fortune, and many people will spend an idle half hour or so wandering across summer fields hoping to spot one - and they are actually not as rare as generally supposed. In some parts of Britian it is said that if a young man or woman finds such a clover they can expect to meet their future love the same day. The fact that cattle particularly enjoy grazing in fields of clover is the origin of the phrase often applied to a person doing well in life, 'He's in clover.' ( Incidentally, you can enhance your chances of good luck after finding a four-leafed clover by handing it to someone else ). The reputation of the four-leafed clover springs from the tradition that Eve took one with her when she was expelled from paradise. There is an old saying accociated with the leaf that goes:

'One leaf for fame, one leaf for wealth,
One leaf for a faithful lover,
And one leaf to bring glorious health -All are in the four-leaf clover.'